When Apple will be able to produce iPhones without a ‘third-party’ component

Apple’s future iPhones will have to rely on a third-party component if they want to work with the latest 3D printing technologies, according to a report.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has been working on a new 3D-printed iPhone battery for years.

However, the report suggests the company will be forced to do so if it wants to produce an iPhone that works with the upcoming 3D printer.

According to the report, Apple has partnered with a company called 3D Systems that produces the iPhone battery.

Apple has previously partnered with 3D printers like the ones used by Google, which has reportedly successfully 3D printed the iPhone 7.

The Journal says Apple is also looking into using a third party component that could replace the 3D printable battery.

It adds that the battery may also be able be manufactured with a special process, as the company has been experimenting with a process called additive manufacturing.

Apple has been testing the battery for the past few months, and has reportedly been able to print it on its own.

It has also experimented with adding components to the battery, including glass and other materials, that can help make the battery last longer.

The Journal reports Apple’s plans to use the 3-D printing process to make the iPhone 3GS battery have been discussed in secret, and the company is reportedly planning to release the battery in the coming months.