AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card launches in Australia, India, China, United Kingdom

AMD has launched its new Radeon R 9 Fury X video card in Australia.

The Radeon R 8 series is AMD’s top-end graphics card, and the R 9 series will feature a 1GB boost clock speed, 16GB of GDDR5 memory, and 8GB of RAM.AMD has launched two variants of the Radeon R 6 series, the Radeon 6 series and the Radeon 7 series.AMD will also offer a range of Radeon R5, R6, and R5x graphics cards in the first half of 2019.

The R7 series is aimed at the high-end market, while the R7 X series is focused on the lower-end enthusiast market.AMD Radeon R 7 series graphics card launch in Australia article AMD will launch a Radeon R7 lineup of video cards in Australia starting in the middle of 2019, with the R9 series launching in 2019.

These will feature the same Radeon R series of GPUs, but with AMD’s new R9 GPU architecture, which has two 16-nm FinFET transistors and 256 shader units.

The R7 R9 graphics card is priced at AU$399 ($499), while the Radeon 9 series is priced between AU$799 and AU$1,199 ($1,299-$1,499).AMD Radeon 9-series graphics card release in Australia AMD Radeon 6-series video cards are currently available in Australia for a limited time only, but they will be made available through select retailers starting in January.