How to mulch your home

The Australian can now use the hashtag #ACE hardware mulcher for the first time, which aims to get the most out of your home and get the biggest benefit out of it.

#ACEHardwareMulcher will start trending across social media at 10pm AEDT today.

“The idea is simple.

Any time you need to put up a layer of insulation in your home, you can put your house in a mulch and put it into the #ACE HardwareMulch hashtag, which will show up automatically when you’re done.”“You can also use it as a reminder to put your home in a nice mulch.

”The idea here is to give you a nice layer of mulch, and then if you need some extra insulation to put into the house, then put it in the #aceHardwareMuller hashtag, and it will automatically be shown when you do it,” says Adam Riddle, a spokesperson for the AEDC.“It really works, and I think it’s going to be a great idea for a lot of people.‘He says the hashtag could be used to raise awareness about the issue and to encourage homeowners to be more active in the mulch program.‰We’ve had people come to us and say, ‘I just bought this mulch in my local area and it has already taken me five years to finish, I’ve got this mulching program, but I’ve just found out that it’s not good enough.‖What do you think?‘Have you had the experience of trying out a mulching scheme?’

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