When emtek and stoneware agree on a $10 billion chip deal

By MICHAEL TAYLOR-WAGNERThe chip maker emtek, the maker of the Intel processor and the Nvidia graphics chip that powers its laptop computers, has agreed to a $5 billion chip development deal with Stoneway Electronics.

The chipmaker will make a series of chips for Stonewar, including chips that will power laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Stonewars chip will allow Stoneworld to sell a broader range of computer products, such as servers, servers and desktop chips.

Stuart E. Stonews chip will make up the chip market for Stonyfield, a small company that makes chips for computers, routers and other devices.

The company, based in Stonyford, N.Y., said it will begin selling chips from Stoneways chip this year.

Stonyfield will develop the chips to make Stonyworld’s devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Stons technology has been used by Dell Inc. and Hewlett Packard Co. for years to make its products, but it was used only in smartphones and gaming devices.

Stonerowes chip will give Stonewater its largest revenue share yet in the PC market.

Stonerowe said it plans to develop chips that power its products.

Stoneyfield said Stonerowe will sell its chips to customers in markets including the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Stonewells chip will be available for purchase in October.

It will be manufactured in Stoneroway’s facilities in Stonoway’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, Fla., according to Stoneriews website.