The Most Popular Stoner Hardware Brands in 2018

The most popular stoner hardware brands are making a comeback, thanks in part to a resurgence in the cannabis industry, according to new research from The Consumerist.

In a piece published Tuesday, the site called out the stoner community for having a “huge and untapped market of high-quality, high-margin, and highly competitive hardware products.”

“This is something that the cannabis community has been waiting for for a long time,” wrote the site’s Ben Bova.

“There are a ton of great stoner brands out there, but there are only a handful of them with a dedicated and dedicated following.”

Bova cited a survey of 500 stoner enthusiasts by Marijuana Business Daily that found that most consumers buy their stoner gear from online vendors, such as Cannabidiol (CBD), or Cannabiscene (Cannabidol), but he also said that online retailers such as the Stoner Shop, a cannabis-focused store in Washington state, have been responsible for growing the stoned community.

“These companies know that consumers are going to want a product that is easy to use, and that will deliver a great experience,” Bova wrote.

“They’ve built a strong brand, and they’re starting to see their prices increase, too.”

“The cannabis community is in a pretty unique position right now, and it’s a great opportunity to take a leap into this market,” Bovas co-founder and CEO Sam Altman told The Huffington Post.

“We’re not just going to sell weed, but we’re going to create a platform where the cannabis companies can create products and services that are designed to help people with a variety of medical conditions.”

Altman, who founded the cannabis-based company Altman Enterprises, has previously told The Washington Post that he hopes to take the industry mainstream with cannabis-specific products and accessories.

“The only way to really compete in this industry is to be a part of the cannabis ecosystem,” he said.

“That’s where we’re at right now.”

The consumerist article pointed to a handful that are making inroads into the stoners market:The Stoner Works, an online business that sells a range of stoner accessories and software, launched in June 2018.

The site sells products such as a handheld vaporizer and a strain calculator, which lets users track their strain preferences and cannabis strains. also offers a cannabis strain calculator.

StonedVR, a popular cannabis VR game, was founded by an American who previously worked at an online retail company.

Stoner Works’ website describes its products as “a cannabis-oriented VR game” that is “designed to give the gamer a unique experience while they consume their favorite cannabis strains.”

It also claims that the game will “improve your quality of life by increasing the efficiency of your daily tasks, which is the most important thing to your health.”

StonerWorks is the first product in a growing list of stoner companies to launch products in the space, according the consumerist piece.

Stoner Works also sells its own strain calculator and the company’s website says it will expand its products to include more strains and strains from around the world.

The consumerism piece also pointed to the StonedWorks app, which allows users to search for products online and purchase them.

It is available in iOS and Android.

“Stoners and stonereggers can now find and buy the stony essentials they need to stay stoned and stay happy, while simultaneously getting the most out of their stoned life,” the article said.

“And Stonedworks is here to help.”