How to find a door hardware store in Perth

A door hardware business in Perth has received an “unqualified positive” for its “good business” rating.

Key points:Owner of doors and windows store, Adam, said he had received a “great deal of feedback” on the business after receiving a “negative feedback” from another business ownerAbout 90 per cent of the business’s customers have been positiveThe business received a positive rating from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)The business has been given a “high” rating by the ACCC because the business has a “good working relationship” with the company’s owner, Adam.

The business, which operates in the CBD, was rated “high quality” by the ACCC, meaning it was “well maintained and in good working order” and “very reliable”.

Adam said he and his wife, Lisa, were happy with the business and hoped to open another shop soon.

“We have been very pleased with the customer experience,” he said.

“It’s been a good experience, and we’re looking forward to opening another door hardware shop.”

I think it will be great for our community, especially for our kids who are learning to play the piano and play on the floor, or the kids who don’t want to go outside.

“Mr Adam said he was looking forward “to getting back to the business”.”

We’ve been really happy with our rating and how it’s gone, and that’s a good thing,” he added.”

The rating is good, and it’s good for our business, but we don’t think it’s as bad as the negative feedback we got from our business owner, because he wasn’t in the business long enough to be in a position to be able to review what we’ve done.

“But, it’s a bit like, ‘Who is this person?

Why did he get this rating?'”

He’s probably a pretty good businessperson, but he’s not in the same position as us, because we’re just doing what we’re doing.

“That said, he’s a very happy man and he’s happy with his business, so I’m happy with that.”

Adam said the business would be looking for a “next level” customer.

“At the moment, we’re in business for a few years, and so it’s probably best for us to start a new business, and hopefully it will pay off,” he told ABC Perth.

“Hopefully the next level of customer will be more loyal, or more likely to return.”

He said the family was looking to “move the business” but “it’s not for us right now”.

Mr Adam’s business is the first in Perth to receive the “high rating” for good business, although the company was not the only one in the city receiving the rating.

Earlier this month, the ABC revealed the number of “good and outstanding” business rating applications received by Perth’s “lowest performing” businesses had more than doubled from the previous year.