Apple says it will be giving up on the Mac and iPad in 2018

Business Insider Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch that it will stop selling Macs and iPads in 2018.

Apple says that it plans to continue selling its existing Mac line of computers and tablets, including the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, for as long as they meet the requirements of the US government’s Clean Air Act, which was passed last year.

The company says it has reached an agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency to discontinue selling the Mac, but that it is working to find a new market.

The new MacBook Pros and MacBooks will be discontinued as well, the company says.

The announcement comes a day after Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company plans to retire its Mac line and that it would no longer sell laptops and tablets.

Apple announced the decision in a blog post, saying that “there is a clear need to move towards a cleaner and more efficient future.”

The company said that it had begun to evaluate the impact of its Clean Air Plan in terms of its global operations.

“As we look at the global market for our products, we are seeing the need to address global clean air requirements and work with our partners around the world to ensure we meet those requirements,” Apple said in its blog post.