Austin hardware company makes its black cabinet hardware a thing

By Chris Dutton, USA TODAYAUSTIN — Austin hardware maker Little Hardware has created a sleek and compact cabinet that uses little hardware to transform an ordinary room into a black one.

In an effort to make the home more of a living space, the company’s new cabinet is made of a combination of wood, plastic, and metal.

The result is a sleek, modern looking, and comfortable living space that is meant to be easily transformed into a home.

The first cabinet, which is called the Black Cabinet, was designed by Little Hardware’s Austin-based design firm, Pivot Architecture, in partnership with Austin-area home builder J.B. Hunt.

The Black Cabinet is the brainchild of Little Hardware co-founder, Scott Stiles.

Stiles and his wife, Jill, were inspired by the black-framed, white-and-gold cabinets of their childhood in the South of France.

They wanted to do something different, something more elegant and more affordable.

“I was really excited by the idea of using a piece of wood instead of a panel, and that was something I had always wanted to make, but never realized how simple it was to do,” Stiles said.

“It’s so simple to put together and make something beautiful and beautiful to look at.”

Stiles and Jill Stiles, who also designed the cabinets, started the project with a blank sheet of plywood that they used as the template for the cabinet’s exterior.

It had been covered with some decorative material from their old kitchen, including a French accent rug and a French door frame.

They painted the cabinet black and covered it in a white and gold glaze.

The wood was cut into small cubes.

The Stiless took the cabinet to J. B. Hunt in Austin, Texas, and made a few adjustments, such as the color of the wood and adding a few additional pieces, such a black and white window to the door frame and a window cover.

“We wanted the Black Cabin to have a little bit of that French accent,” Stines said.

The Stiles family and Hunt are also involved in the construction of Little House at the Bay, an Austin-themed community center, which the Stileses hope will be an extension of the Black Cabins.

Stiles said the Black Cabs design was inspired by their childhood, but he added that it was also influenced by his wife’s desire to do a better job of making the home.

“We were very excited about what we wanted to create,” he said.

Stains said that he had a hard time deciding what the perfect color would be for the cabinets.

He eventually settled on a combination between blue and gray.

Little Hardware, he said, has made a number of other cabinets with a similar design.

“When we made the Black cabinet, we were really proud of it, because we were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got something special here,'” he said with a laugh.

“And it’s a little something special.”

Little Hardware has partnered with J.b.

Hunt to build the cabinets in the Austin area, and is now building cabinets for sale in Austin and around the world.

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