‘Star Trek: Beyond’ set for release this year

A new film from Paramount Pictures is slated to hit theaters this year.

Star Trek Beyond is being directed by Justin Lin, who previously helmed The Lone Ranger and Jurassic World.

It is the latest in a string of sci-fi blockbuster films that have come out in recent years.

Among them are the highly anticipated Justice League, the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and Thor: Ragnarok.

The film is set to hit screens this year in select theaters and on home video and digital platforms.

It will star Chris Pine as Spock, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Karl Urban as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Scotty, Zoe Kazan as Sulu, Anthony Rapp as Captain Phlox, Karloff, Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Rooker, John Cho as the film’s main villain, James Woods as the voice of Uhura and Simon Pegg as the lead character.