What’s the deal with the $1,400 NHL gear?


— There’s no way to make it out of this mess without bringing back some hockey-related gear.

There’s also no way the NHL is going to return to its old uniforms, which were once the envy of the league and its fans.

But with the new uniforms, the NHL will have a whole new set of uniforms to choose from.

As with the jerseys, the most expensive uniforms are the ones with the highest prices, including $1.5 million for the blue and white jerseys, $1 million for white and black jerseys, and $1 billion for the jersey combinations.

The jersey combinations include the two-tone “white and black” and “red and white.”

The two-toned jerseys are also the most pricey.

The jerseys, which are now worn on both sides of the ice, will also be the most heavily used, with a full 90 percent of the NHL’s jersey sales coming from jerseys.

There are no other uniform combinations in the NHL.

The NHL is still trying to determine the best way to market the jerseys and have them sold.

And, of course, there will be jerseys sold, and they will sell at a premium, so long as they’re not too much of a distraction.

But there are some new uniforms that are being used more frequently than the old ones.

The blue and green uniforms have become the most popular, with fans choosing the new versions because of their new look.

And the “white” jersey is also more popular.

“The blue and red uniforms have been very popular and we had a lot of people that wanted to buy them,” NHL Chief Marketing Officer Tom Barr said.

“So the new ones, we thought, would be the best choice to get people to wear those colors on the ice.”