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Brownsboro, Tennessee (AP) The laptop world is back on track after a tumultuous summer, with a flurry of new models and a surge of enthusiasm for all things hardware.

While the new laptops are designed to compete with high-end gaming machines and big screen TVs, they’re still going to cost you at least $400, and the new hardware can’t come cheap.

TechCrunch’s Brownsborough Hardware Survey revealed that about 1,200 companies across 50 countries have sold at least one laptop or tablet, and nearly half of them will likely sell more than $1,000.

Techies are starting to flock to the new gadgets and even have their own communities of loyalists who will spend up to $10,000 for a new device.

But a few big brands have made a splash in the market, including the new Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy S8.

These new devices are often pricier than the older laptops and they’re built by more established companies, which has made them a bit of a risk for a brand new user.

That said, Apple is still selling a lot of devices, including many of the top-of-the-line models and it’s still the best-selling brand in the world.

So what’s the point of this?

The main thing to remember about the new laptop is that you have to get one if you want to buy a brand-new PC, but there are still some pretty decent options.

For example, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the new MacBook Air from Apple, with its Retina display, is the most affordable model in the whole list.

That’s not a bad thing.

In fact, it’s a great value considering that the Apple Watch has a slightly higher price tag ($1,499).

The most expensive laptop on the list is the Lenovo ThinkPad T410s (up from $1.29 million last month), which is now a very good value considering it was a brand name for a few years and was also available in the same form factor as the current MacBook Air.

The $1 million Lenovo ThinkPads are also some of the most popular laptops on Amazon.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon (up $600) and ThinkPad Yoga 720 (up almost $600), both from Lenovo, are still very good laptops, but they are still expensive.

We’re also pleased to see Acer’s Alienware 13 (up nearly $700) and HP’s Spectre x360 (up about $300).

The Spectre x370 ($500) is the highest-end laptop on our list, but it’s not as fast as the $1-million-plus ThinkPods.

But the Spectre x700 ($800) is a fantastic value for the money.

Finally, we’re pleased to find the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Pro (up more than 50 percent), which we have not tested yet, and also the new HP EliteBook 15 (up 25 percent).

Both are really good laptops that are fast and have excellent battery life.

The rest of the list of top-tier laptops is a mix of well-known and relatively inexpensive options, but you will probably be able to get a few new laptops here or there.

For instance, Dell’s new Chromebook 15, which is a good value ($1.2 million), is not the most expensive Chromebook you can buy, but the Acer XB271HK (up just $400) is still a fantastic buy.

We are pleased to note that Acer has already started selling its Chromebook 15.

Acer’s Chromebook 13 is also a great laptop (the same price as the new Acer X1, for instance), but you’ll have to pay a bit more for that machine.

The new Chromebook 14 will probably have more specs and more battery life, but that’s about the only difference between the new Chromebook 13 and the previous model.

We don’t know if these models will make a huge impact on sales, but if you’re planning on spending that kind of money on a new computer, these new laptops should be worth a try.

We also have a separate section that covers new laptop and tablet models and price tags.