Microsoft’s Bing software is back in the news

Microsoft’s search engine has returned to the headlines recently, with the company confirming that Bing was back online in several countries.

In some cases, Microsoft has provided details of what is currently available, such as in countries with a high number of Bing searches.

In other cases, it has provided a link to the relevant site.

One of the biggest differences between Bing and its predecessor was the way it processed search terms.

Microsoft first introduced the Bing Search tool in 2007, with Bing in the US being the first search engine to offer the feature.

Today, the company says it supports more than 60,000 search terms, including “home” and “home cinema”, but it has not been able to show search results for those terms on its website.

Google’s search results are more comprehensive, and have not always been able for some time.

Microsoft’s latest statement came after a report in the Financial Times about Bing’s popularity in certain countries, including in Russia.

Google did not comment on the report when contacted by TechCrunch.

Microsoft has also said that it plans to build a new Bing search engine in the coming weeks, after the company revealed a number of other improvements.