How to fix your iPhone’s rear camera and the rest of your smartphone

Posted by Google News on January 16, 2018 04:07:06 You may have noticed that Apple’s new iPhone 5S features a “bifolding door” that opens onto a small, flat panel of glass that lets you take a photo.

There’s also an LED flash, but that’s not the only thing that changes with this iPhone 5.

The new iPhones are now also fitted with an all-glass front, which means you can actually use the glass and the camera to take photos, too.

The camera’s new screen is the biggest improvement with this model, which makes for an iPhone that looks far better than the iPhone 5 that preceded it.

Read more about iPhone 5: Apple’s all-screen iPhone 5 models are great.

They’re cheap and feature great cameras.

But if you’ve bought an iPhone 5 for the first time and it looks like this new model, then there’s no reason to buy a second one, right?

Well, not really.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is still very much a one-trick pony.

But it’s worth pointing out that this model features a whole new camera system, with an upgraded 12MP camera and an upgraded 4K video camera that Apple says will be “100 percent better”.

The iPhone 5 also features an improved front-facing camera that’s “significantly more efficient than its predecessors”.

All this and the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 12MP, 8MP, 4K and 20MP camera.

But what you may not know is that Apple is also adding a fingerprint sensor to the front of the iPhone, which will make the front camera even better.

Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: What you need to know about the new iPhone The iPhone 6 is also bigger and more powerful than the original iPhone 5 and is the most expensive iPhone ever released.

It has an Apple A9 chip that is based on a 20nm process.

Its performance has improved significantly since last year’s iPhone 6.

And it has a new 12MP rear camera, which is capable of taking high-resolution photos at 60fps.

The iPhone is the best iPhone ever made.

So if you haven’t bought one yet, or if you’re already a huge fan of Apple, then you’re going to want to take a look at the new iPhones and the cameras that they come with.

You may also want to consider buying a new iPhone, and this guide will walk you through how to do just that.

The biggest improvements with the new models Apple has made over the last few years is in the cameras.

The 12MP front camera is the same as the one that’s been on the iPhone’s front since last fall.

The larger 16MP camera is also now in the iPhone lineup.

And the larger 4K camera is an upgrade over the 5MP one that was on the last iPhone.

But there’s one thing that’s different between the iPhone 7 and the latest iPhones: they’re all designed to have a fingerprint scanner.

It’s a lot more convenient than before, and is also faster and more accurate.

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The new models also have a better camera, with more powerful cameras that will be able to take more pictures at higher resolution.

That means that if you want to shoot great photos, the new cameras will do a much better job of it.

And you can’t go wrong with the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 Plus, which are both designed to be able take better pictures than before.

Both phones also feature an upgraded fingerprint sensor, which Apple says “is 100 percent better than its predecessor”.

That’s great news, because people are still using a fingerprint reader in a majority of their smartphones.

But Apple’s fingerprint scanner is also a big improvement over the one on the original iPhones.

The original iPhones had an 8MP sensor, and the newer ones have a 12.3MP sensor.

But the iPhone S5 was released in 2015 and was the first iPhone to use an upgraded 8MP camera with a higher resolution sensor.

The latest iPhone 6s also comes with an improved 12MP sensor that is capable to take up to 60fps at 120fps.

That’s also a huge improvement over last year, when the iPhone XS Max had an upgraded 18MP sensor with a 120fps shot.

Apple is making all these improvements to its camera systems to make them more accurate and easier to use.

You can use Apple’s camera apps to take better photos, and you can even use the iPhone camera app to take videos and video.

The most important thing to remember about the fingerprint sensor is that it only works when you’re holding the iPhone.

That makes it really hard to use it with the device’s rear cover off.

But you can also use the front cover and the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.

And that means you won’t have to worry about the front and rear covers falling out, or accidentally dropping the phone into a pool.