When you’re in the market for a new gaming PC, check out these hardware vendors’ new models

Branded as the world’s most expensive gaming PC in its price range, the Razer Blade sports a massive 6TB hard drive and the latest Nvidia graphics card.

But it also boasts a number of unique hardware components, including the original Black Edition keyboard, the original Elite Gaming Mouse and a full set of Black Cherry MX mechanical switches.

If you’re looking for a gaming PC to really impress your friends and family, Razer’s Black Edition is a solid choice.

If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to gaming PC components, it’s quality.

Read more The Razer Blade’s keyboard and mouse offer premium feel with premium mechanical keys that offer exceptional tactile feedback and a comfortable travel.

These key switches are available for $3,999, or $2,999 for a mouse with a full RGB lighting system, and a special bundle of the Razer Elite Gaming mouse and keyboard bundle costs $3.99.

The Razer Elite gaming mouse is a premium-feeling mechanical mouse that features an LED light that is brighter than the rest of the mouse, making it easy to read.

Its sleek design allows it to be worn under the arms, and it can be used as a gaming controller or mouse.

Razer says it’s “one of the most advanced gaming mice on the market” and has been praised for its ergonomic design.

The Elite gaming keyboard is a gaming keyboard with the Cherry MX key switches, with a large, flat backlit keypad.

The keyboard can be set to be a gaming mouse or a keyboard, and features a variety of buttons for gamers to choose from.

The Razer Elite mouse is available in a limited edition of 5,000 units, and Razer also announced the Razer Hydra 2, a mouse that uses a new proprietary mechanical key design to deliver the best experience for the gamer.

The Hydra 2 is available for a limited time for $599 and features Razer’s new patented hydraulic spring system.

Razer has also announced a $150 USB 3.0 bundle with the Razer Hammer, a wireless gaming mouse that delivers the best of both worlds.

The Hammer comes with a Bluetooth headset and an audio port for streaming your gaming sessions over a USB connection.

Razer is also releasing the Razer Kraken 2, an audio-based gaming mouse, which is available now for $999.

The Black Edition, meanwhile, is the only gaming computer with a keyboard.

Its design is very similar to the Razer Black, with Cherry MX switches and a large backlit keyboard that has a large trackpad.

It’s available in an exclusive bundle for $2 and features an exclusive keypad design.

It has a very unique layout, so its layout isn’t a match for most other gaming mice.

The Black Edition also features a full metal construction, with brushed aluminum backplates and black LED lighting that makes it stand out from other gaming keyboards.

The most interesting gaming accessory is the Razer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

This gaming keyboard features a gaming mechanical key switch that is different from any other gaming key switch in the industry.

This keyboard is very easy to use and is ideal for gamers who prefer to use a gaming headset over a traditional keyboard.

Razer claims it can deliver a comfortable typing experience that is 100 percent accurate and responsive.

The SteelSeries Razer Mechanical Keyboard is available at the Razer site, and costs $9,999.

The other unique gaming keyboard on the list is the SteelSeries ROG Strix Gaming Keyboard, which features a mechanical keyboard with Cherry keys, an LED backlighting system, a rubberized surface and a mechanical feel.

Razer also unveiled the SteelVR ROG SteelVR gaming mouse and the Razer ROG Mamba, a full-fledged gaming mouse with Cherry switches, an ergonomic wrist rest and a gaming soundbar.

The best gaming keyboards are available in the Razer catalogue, and they’re all worth checking out.

There are also a lot of gaming mice available, including one Razer exclusive that has all the features of a standard mouse, including a backlit keyswitch, the best gaming experience, a fully-functioning keyboard and a wireless mouse.

If all you’re interested in is gaming, then the Razer SteelSeries G1, which comes with the same Razer mechanical keyboard, is a good choice.

If you’re shopping for a high-end gaming PC with an impressive amount of performance, then look no further than the Razer Chroma.

The Chroma gaming keyboard has the Razer G-Sync tech that offers a 60Hz refresh rate and the Chroma also features an 8-bit RGB LED backlight.

The RGB backlight provides an intense red-orange color that complements the red keys.

The G-sync tech is available as an optional feature for $699, and you can buy it separately for $449.

The included RGB backlighting can be disabled, and the included Razer Aura RGB wireless mouse is also available for an extra $300.

The price for the Chromas wireless mouse may not