Black Kitchen Hardware, Black Coffee and Black Leather are all on the menu at a new coffee chain

Black Kitchen hardware and Black Coffee will be on the menus at a chain that is already gaining traction in the coffee world.

The chain, which launched in the US earlier this year, is set to open up its first store in North Carolina in the coming weeks.

The coffee chain’s mission is to bring a taste of the region’s best coffee and offer customers something that is not only authentic but also local.

It is the second coffee chain to open in the state after Starbucks opened in Chapel Hill.

The new Black Kitchen store in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photo: Facebook The chain also has plans to open an additional store in South Carolina, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Black Coffee owner, Josh Leffler, says the chain is aiming to create a fresh, local selection of coffee for customers.

“The concept is to create something that’s really different than what you would find in your local store, but that’s also not so cheap, and it’s not that expensive,” he said.

“There are a lot of places out there that do a really good job with coffees, and I think that’s why they’re able to stay in business.”

Lefflers new coffee venture has already gained the support of local business owners and locals.

Black Kitchen founder and co-owner, Alex Glynn, says his store is a “big opportunity” for local businesses to gain a foothold in the area.

“We’ve got a lot going on in the community, we have a lot more people that we’re connecting with and it is a good thing for us to be able to have that presence,” he told News24.

“It gives us an opportunity to expand and we can really expand our customer base.”

LeFFLER said the chain will be opening two stores.

“Our intention is to have the store open this year,” he added.

“Right now we have only a handful of locations that we have opened in the last few years and we’ve really wanted to open a couple more.”

Leiffler said he hopes to expand the Black Kitchen franchise beyond the first two stores, but has yet to determine the total number of stores.

The news comes after the chain has already garnered some major media attention.

In August, Lefflier announced a new franchise, a coffee chain called Black Coffee USA, with plans to double its size.

LeffLER told News 24 he wants to expand Black Kitchen to more stores, with the aim of creating a more diverse coffee menu.

“I want to be a part of the community,” he says.

“As far as the diversity, it is something we are really proud of.

It’s a big part of what we are doing here.”

Black Kitchen has been successful in the region.

According to the website of the Charlotte-based Black Coffee Association, the chain’s growth in North Carolinians coffee-drinking habits has been exponential.

The association says the number of Black Kitchen stores has grown by more than 20 percent in North Charlotte since the beginning of the year.

Leifflers new business venture is part of an effort to keep Black Kitchen’s business afloat after a failed run with the franchise.

LeFFERS new business is set for a start date of mid-2019, which is before the end of the season.

It will be located in the new Black Coffee Coffee Mart at the corner of Interstate 85 and US Highway 17 in Charlotte.

The outlet will be the first Black Kitchen outlet in the Charlotte area.