When will Apple remove its Touch ID fingerprint sensor?

AppleInsider reader “Bucky” has a question for you: Will Apple remove Touch ID on its next generation iPhone X, its rumored successor to the iPhone XS?

AppleInsider contributor “Junk” points out that there’s a bit of a Catch-22 when it comes to Touch ID.

While Apple is certainly working on a solution that will prevent the fingerprint from being used to unlock your phone, there’s also a bit more that goes into that process than just a fingerprint sensor.

For starters, the process of unlocking your phone depends on the hardware you’re using.

It’s not just your phone’s hardware that makes up Touch ID, but also your phone itself.

As AppleInsiders “Buck” and “Nerd” put it, “Touch ID is just a small piece of a much larger fingerprint sensor.”

Apple’s solution relies on a proprietary fingerprint sensor that’s housed in a plastic casing.

While the sensor is not technically a fingerprint scanner, the device has built-in sensors that are able to pick up fingerprints from the environment.

Touch ID requires a lot of processing power and is limited to two digits at a time.

That’s because Apple has been able to increase the processing power on the sensor by using a special chip called “iPeak.”

AppleInsiders reader “Coffee,” who has an Apple Watch, says that “iPad” is the “smartest” accessory on the market.

“It’s a tiny chip in the wrist that stores and stores the data of the wearer,” Coffee says.

“In other words, it stores a whole lot of information.”

AppleInsists “Crazy” uses the same chip to track his Fitbit Charge HR, but uses it to make a “smart” GPS tracker.

AppleInsides reader “Jungle” says that the iPeak chip can help track distance traveled on a treadmill.

It also has an onboard GPS system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy.

Finally, “Jellybean” uses an iPeake chip to create a smart alarm clock that keeps track of his fitness goals and keeps track in real-time of his activity.

Apple uses an external Bluetooth LE chip to power the chip, but “Junky” says the Apple Watch doesn’t have the iPad chip.

AppleInsists reader “Danger” points to a new product from Apple called the “Face ID” app that’s compatible with iPhone X and the new iPhone XR.

Apple says the Face ID app is “up to five times faster than your fingerprint and it’s up to 40 percent less expensive than using a fingerprint.”

That’s true, but the Face IDs are also supposed to be 100 percent secure.

Apple’s new Face ID sensor isn’t available in the US until November, so “Junks” and others are taking the risk of trying it out for themselves.

It seems to work pretty well, though, and if you want to be able to access your Face ID in your pocket or purse, it’s worth giving the new sensor a shot.