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The company Brownsborough Hardware &Parts has been the subject of a recent Reddit post.

It is one of the many businesses to be hit by ransomware attacks in recent weeks.

The Reddit post explains that Brownsbane is owned by a group of people and that they are all being held responsible for the attack.

The group has been linked to ransomware attacks on several other businesses, including one that targeted a bank and a hospital.

Brownsbourne has since been shut down.

The post goes on to detail that the ransomware attack was in no way connected to the Brownsbanes hardware store.

Brownsbears hardware store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was also shut down by the ransomware attackers.

BrownSbane is a small hardware and appliance retailer.

The Brownsbears website advertises products such as laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, and other home appliances.

It also offers a website that allows people to purchase used items.

It does not list an expiration date on the items it sells, but the post notes that the store was still operating on Monday.

Brown’sbane has been one of several businesses hit by the threat of ransomware.

Earlier this week, Brownsbaes online store was also hit by a ransomware attack.

Customers had their computers and documents stolen, the Post and Courier reported.

It was not clear if that was related to the ransomware attacks.

The attack took place in the Pittsburgh area and affected a large swath of the state.

There were also reports that Brownsbear was also targeted by ransomware.

This is the second time Brownsbases online store has been attacked by ransomware, and the second in less than a week.

Brown sbears online store is not the only company to be attacked.

Earlier in the week, several other companies had their online services disrupted by ransomware and some of their servers were reportedly destroyed.

Brown Sbears has yet to respond to requests for comment.