Microsoft’s Bing software is back in the news

Microsoft’s search engine has returned to the headlines recently, with the company confirming that Bing was back online in several countries.In some cases, Microsoft has provided details of what is currently available, such as in countries with a high number of Bing searches.In other cases, it has provided a link to the relevant site.One ofRead More

Fresno hardware firm unveils ‘Hudson Hardware’ brand

Fresno hardware company Hudson Hardware announced Tuesday that it is creating a brand of hardware that will appeal to both tech and hobbyists, while at the same time bringing in more money for Fresno’s struggling economy.The company is a joint venture between Hudson, a California-based hardware company, and New York-based Hudson Hardware, a maker ofRead More

Hardware restoration company restores a house to its original state

hardware restoration company Restoration Hardware has been restoring houses to their original state after a massive fire destroyed the property.The house restoration business has been working for over a year with the help of a fire prevention contractor, who was tasked with restoring the house of the former owner of the property in the townRead More

Which are the best laptop accessories?

The top five laptops on have the most accessories, with the exception of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes with just two.But here are some of the top picks.1.Samsung Galaxy Note5 Samsung Galaxy note5 review Galaxy Note 5 (2017)Samsung Galaxy note 5 is Samsung’s latest device, and it’s the company’s first NoteRead More

New hardware is available for a simple restoration

The restoration of an older, damaged computer or phone can take months, or even years, but it can be a fun experience.That’s why we made the world’s first “free” phone repair kit.It can be used for anyone with a phone, tablet, or laptop that needs to restore it to working order.Here’s how it works.What’s aRead More

What’s the deal with the $1,400 NHL gear?

HANKS, Wis.— There’s no way to make it out of this mess without bringing back some hockey-related gear.There’s also no way the NHL is going to return to its old uniforms, which were once the envy of the league and its fans.But with the new uniforms, the NHL will have a whole new set ofRead More

What’s in the future of hardware and software in Austin?

Austin, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In addition to hardware and data center power, Austin’s tech community has a deep commitment to sustainability.The University of Texas at Austin has invested more than $1 billion in renewable energy.In 2016, the Austin Economic Development Corporation and the Austin Energy Institute (AEI) announced the establishment of a new sustainability initiative to createRead More

How to buy and use an old computer from Texas hardware store

Texas hardware stores often carry an assortment of old computers.They often have an assortment ranging from laptops to hard drives and even older PCs.But there are some rare cases when a hardware store may carry an old machine that is nearly as old as the original owner.Some hardware stores carry machines that were never actuallyRead More

Why do I like Rookies so much?

I’m not really sure why the Browns need to add a second starting quarterback.Browns GM Ray Farmer has been doing some interesting trades, including trading away QB Johnny Manziel to the Tennessee Titans and WR Corey Coleman to the Chicago Bears, and the Browns were on the clock in a few weeks to land anotherRead More