What’s new in the Crescent Spring hardware line

Crescent Spring has just announced a new series of hardware products, with an emphasis on the desktop.The first of the new hardware products is the CRS-100, a new, high-performance laptop with integrated graphics.Crescent Spring also announced the CRI-100 Gaming Gaming Desktop, a gaming PC with integrated NVIDIA graphics.The company also announced its first gaming peripherals.TheRead More

Lowe’s Hardware Store Is Closing For Good

Lowe in the UK has announced that it will close its hardware store in Edinburgh, as it tries to reduce its workforce.The company said in a statement that it “cannot continue to operate at the scale we have at present”.It will also focus on “building a more sustainable future for the local community” and “increasingRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Swing Set in 2018

When the holidays are over, I’ll probably still have to go to the mall to buy a swing set, but I’m also likely to have to buy one for myself and/or my kids, and I can’t imagine why.Why would I ever want to purchase a swing box for myself, if it’s so much less durableRead More

How to get the most out of your mirror restoration hardware

When you’re rebuilding your old computer, you might be tempted to replace the hard drives or memory chips in your machine with cheaper components.You can get away with this if you’re able to find a good mirror repair shop in your area.But if you want to repair your hard drive, you’ll probably have to payRead More