How to mine Bitcoin using mulch

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency mining operation has developed a new way of extracting valuable hashrate for its mining operations by coating the equipment in mulch.The project is called “Mulch-Bitcoin” and has been designed to be more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use.Mulches, or “miners”, are the main component of the bitcoin mining operation, which canRead More

Lowes Cabinet Hardware Mulch

Home decor store Ace Hardware Mulches the ceiling with cheap hardware, including cabinets and wall panels, in an effort to keep the cost of furniture down.The retailer said in a statement that it started with a “basic cabinet” and has since expanded to a full house of over 30 cabinets.“Ace Hardware Mulching is a local,Read More

How to mulch your home

The Australian can now use the hashtag #ACE hardware mulcher for the first time, which aims to get the most out of your home and get the biggest benefit out of it.#ACEHardwareMulcher will start trending across social media at 10pm AEDT today.“The idea is simple.Any time you need to put up a layer of insulationRead More