How to play an Xbox One game on a Mac

Lees Hardware, a company specializing in high-end video game peripherals, recently launched a Mac version of their flagship product, the Hank.The Hank is one of the most iconic peripherals in gaming history, and is one reason why the Hanks popularity continues to grow.The company announced the HANK Mac OS X 10.6 update in late August,Read More

Emigh hardware stock: Aubuchan hardware

Aubutchon Hardware, maker of the Emigh and Emigh+ gaming keyboards, has announced that it will stock its latest products with a new model, the Emight Pro.This is the first Emigh-equipped gaming keyboard for the market, with a higher-end model for the $100 and $150 price ranges.Aubuts CEO Adam Thier said that Emigh was “a greatRead More

‘Star Trek: Beyond’ set for release this year

A new film from Paramount Pictures is slated to hit theaters this year.Star Trek Beyond is being directed by Justin Lin, who previously helmed The Lone Ranger and Jurassic World.It is the latest in a string of sci-fi blockbuster films that have come out in recent years.Among them are the highly anticipated Justice League, theRead More