Tech firms embrace the art of ‘dumbing down’

A handful of companies are turning to the artful arts of making cheap and easy hardware to reduce clutter in a bid to boost consumer adoption of their wares.The companies are using the internet to spread a digital version of the “dumbing-down” art that can be done in a fraction of the time.As of Tuesday,Read More

How to remove the hard drive from your computer

Posted September 09, 2018 10:21:16 A hard drive is a small hard disk that stores your data.A hard disk is usually used to store data on a hard drive.Hard drives are usually mounted in a magnetic tape and used for storing data.But sometimes a hard disk can also be used to replace your hard driveRead More

CricInfo: Why Apple is selling its Macs

The new MacBook Pro will be the second generation of Apple’s flagship computer.It will be called the MacBook Pro Retina, and it’ll be the company’s first Mac to use Intel’s next-generation Haswell processor.It’s not quite as fast, but it’ll have much better battery life.The MacBook Pro is the most powerful Mac ever made, and AppleRead More