Fresno hardware firm unveils ‘Hudson Hardware’ brand

Fresno hardware company Hudson Hardware announced Tuesday that it is creating a brand of hardware that will appeal to both tech and hobbyists, while at the same time bringing in more money for Fresno’s struggling economy.The company is a joint venture between Hudson, a California-based hardware company, and New York-based Hudson Hardware, a maker ofRead More

How to Buy Lowes Hardware at Costco

Lowes hardware is sold at a number of hardware retailers across the country, and it’s an easy way to save money when it comes to picking up items for a small home.It’s a great option for home shoppers looking to save a little money while still being able to purchase an item.The company sells bothRead More

How to fix Fresno Ag’s farm equipment store

Fresno, California — The town of Fresno has lost its last hardware store and is trying to find another.It’s been in business for years, selling everything from kitchen equipment to refrigerators.The hardware store at 1226 W. Santa Rosa Road has been gone for about a year.A few months ago, the store was sold to aRead More