New hardware is available for a simple restoration

The restoration of an older, damaged computer or phone can take months, or even years, but it can be a fun experience.That’s why we made the world’s first “free” phone repair kit.It can be used for anyone with a phone, tablet, or laptop that needs to restore it to working order.Here’s how it works.What’s aRead More

Why Nixa is launching an ARM-based Raspberry Pi port

The Raspberry Pi has been a staple of the tech world for a long time, and the company has a reputation for making a good product.But in recent years, the company announced plans to bring the hardware back into the mainstream with an ARM port of the Raspberry Pi Zero, which will ship in theRead More

How to restore your home to its former glory

The Crescent Springs Hardware Center in California has restored an old home to glory with its stunning and awe-inspiring Crescent Spring Falls, located on the banks of the San Andreas Fault.A total of 12,000 feet of the Falls, which is an active fault, was built and is the most expensive home restoration in California history.InRead More