How to buy and use an old computer from Texas hardware store

Texas hardware stores often carry an assortment of old computers.They often have an assortment ranging from laptops to hard drives and even older PCs.But there are some rare cases when a hardware store may carry an old machine that is nearly as old as the original owner.Some hardware stores carry machines that were never actuallyRead More

‘Star Trek: Beyond’ set for release this year

A new film from Paramount Pictures is slated to hit theaters this year.Star Trek Beyond is being directed by Justin Lin, who previously helmed The Lone Ranger and Jurassic World.It is the latest in a string of sci-fi blockbuster films that have come out in recent years.Among them are the highly anticipated Justice League, theRead More

How to get the best bang for your buck online: Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware, the makers of the hickory-and-wood furniture and wall decor that helped usher in the new millennium, has sold more than 7 million products online since it launched in 2011.Now, its online store is shutting down for good, and its founder, Mike Koontz, says the company will “focus on its core business.”Koonts announcement comesRead More