How to build a $10 million robot that can walk on water

Posted October 07, 2018 06:06:08The world’s biggest robotics company is launching a $2.5 billion venture to build an affordable, highly intelligent, and high-speed autonomous underwater vehicle.The startup, called rocky, says it will use an autonomous underwater system called “Rocky” to help rescue people trapped in hazardous environments.The company says the vehicle will be capable ofRead More

How to use Rocky’s Ace Hardware Door Hardware Parts

Rocky’s Ace hardware parts is an Australian company that makes door hardware, as well as other hardware.The company sells to a range of different companies, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.Their website says: “We are a Melbourne based company with a large range of hardware to build and repair door equipment, and a small numberRead More

How to pay for an Amazon Echo for a new car

When it comes to buying a new electric car, it can be hard to figure out exactly how much you’re getting for your hard-earned money.But with a new Echo device that costs about $60, you can buy a lot more.It has a few key features that make it worth the price tag, including: A largeRead More

Which hardware is best suited to your gaming rig?

The best gaming PC for your gaming machine will depend on a few factors, including its power requirements, the kind of games you’re playing and how much RAM you have.In this article, we’ll look at what the latest and greatest gaming rigs are built to handle, and how you can choose the right one forRead More

Why you need to buy a new Roku 2

More than a decade ago, I got my first Roku 2.I was on a budget, but I couldn’t resist buying one.I’m not one to say that I didn’t love the device.I have to admit, it was a big deal to be a nerd.Roku is still around, and I still use it to stream video toRead More