Which brand of laptop will you buy? – TechCrunch

Brownsboro, Tennessee (AP) The laptop world is back on track after a tumultuous summer, with a flurry of new models and a surge of enthusiasm for all things hardware.While the new laptops are designed to compete with high-end gaming machines and big screen TVs, they’re still going to cost you at least $400, and theRead More

The UK Computer Hardware Store Is Now a Computer Hardware Manufacturer

In an industry which is rapidly evolving to become more and more connected to the world, the UK Computer Software Industry Association is now the largest and most active industry association in the UK.Its members include over 30 companies and over 20,000 members worldwide.The association’s annual conference, the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), brings togetherRead More

What is the difference between a $1000 and $2000 laptop?

On Wednesday, Intel reported its quarterly results for the quarter.Intel’s share price rose 7 percent.But the biggest news from the report was that it’s now expected to report revenue of $1.3 billion for the full year, which would be $3.8 billion higher than it said last quarter.In the second quarter, Intel’s PC business lost 9Read More

When a drawer is the next best thing to a desktop

The latest edition of PCMag’s Best Buy’s best buys series is here, and today’s roundup is focused on gaming accessories.There are lots of great choices, but the biggest sellers of this year are the drawer-sized Steam Boxes.They’re the new desktop alternatives that have gotten a lot of press and hype in recent months, and we’reRead More