Which of these is the best-selling laptop for 2017?

It’s the year of the laptop, which is a bit of a catchphrase in tech circles.But for some people, 2017 has been a bit too short to have a perfect year.In this article we’ve picked out 10 of the best laptops for 2017, which will be announced on October 3.Read more: 2017’s best laptops TheRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Swing Set in 2018

When the holidays are over, I’ll probably still have to go to the mall to buy a swing set, but I’m also likely to have to buy one for myself and/or my kids, and I can’t imagine why.Why would I ever want to purchase a swing box for myself, if it’s so much less durableRead More

Which are the best laptop accessories?

The top five laptops on Amazon.com have the most accessories, with the exception of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes with just two.But here are some of the top picks.1.Samsung Galaxy Note5 Samsung Galaxy note5 review Amazon.co.uk/d8n9t0p0sSamsung Galaxy Note 5 (2017)Samsung Galaxy note 5 is Samsung’s latest device, and it’s the company’s first NoteRead More