What to do when your fish tank is too small

When your fish tanks get too small, you may be tempted to buy a larger tank.But don’t let that deter you.Here are a few suggestions on what to do if you are thinking about purchasing a larger aquarium: Keep your fish in a tank of sufficient size and use a high-quality tank cover.A fish tankRead More

Which brand of laptop will you buy? – TechCrunch

Brownsboro, Tennessee (AP) The laptop world is back on track after a tumultuous summer, with a flurry of new models and a surge of enthusiasm for all things hardware.While the new laptops are designed to compete with high-end gaming machines and big screen TVs, they’re still going to cost you at least $400, and theRead More

How to fix the broken interior door hardware

On the inside, a piece of hardware is missing from a room with no clear explanation.The door is broken, the carpet is dirty, the window has been ripped out.When it’s time to replace the hardware, there’s a chance the repair won’t work.“The hardware has to be installed correctly,” said Marc Sorensen, president of The SorentoRead More

How to make your own high-performance gaming monitor

When it comes to high-end gaming monitors, the best way to get the best value is to go the high-resolution route.That’s because the best gaming monitors are also the most expensive.And that means a lot of money is involved in buying one.That’s where the Emtek Bakers Hardware Series of gaming monitors comes in.The Bakers seriesRead More