Which mining hardware and mining software are worth buying?

With miners and hardware vendors still in a bit of a lull, we thought it might be a good time to look at which miners are worth considering.We have listed some of the most popular mining hardware from companies like Miners Alliance, BitFury, and Butterfly Labs, along with some other popular mining machines.The best miningRead More

Hardware restoration company restores a house to its original state

hardware restoration company Restoration Hardware has been restoring houses to their original state after a massive fire destroyed the property.The house restoration business has been working for over a year with the help of a fire prevention contractor, who was tasked with restoring the house of the former owner of the property in the townRead More

Williams has launched its own hardware and software competitor to its own Windows 10 computer, and now it’s getting the boot

Will Williams has revealed that its first product to launch under its new brand will be a desktop replacement. Williams Hardware is the company’s first foray into the home computer market since Microsoft bought the company in 2014 for $2.4 billion. “It’s going to be a really exciting year for Williams,” said Will Williams, Williams Hardware’s CEO. WillRead More

William’s Hardware is the best place to buy a new TV

William’s hardware is the most affordable, most reliable, and the best choice for any home theater or movie theater.So why would anyone want to shop around?Well, they can’t afford to, and you can too.So what are you waiting for?If you want to upgrade your TV, you can get the best quality and most affordable optionsRead More

The Most Popular Stoner Hardware Brands in 2018

The most popular stoner hardware brands are making a comeback, thanks in part to a resurgence in the cannabis industry, according to new research from The Consumerist.In a piece published Tuesday, the site called out the stoner community for having a “huge and untapped market of high-quality, high-margin, and highly competitive hardware products.”“This is somethingRead More